Hookers On The Street, July 01, 2019

As most of you know, I live in the same town as Deanne Fitzpatrick. Deanne had invited hookers near and far to join her on the street hooking. It was a great day had by all and yes the oatcakes are yummy!

A few of the ladies showed off their lovely rugs at rug hooking last Tuesday night. Kim has a couple beautiful rugs to show us. Kim is a machine as she hooks her rugs so fast.

Cathy is coming along nicely with her rug that she started at rug school. Beautiful colors.

Donna has some beautiful bunnies she has finished. They are beauties for sure.

Lynda has finished a couple of braided rugs. Aren’t they awesome? Good job Lynda!

I finished Sophie's Rug! Yeahh!

We are tenting in PEI! Yep we are wet but we are happy campers!

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