Hook-Ins and Wool Genie's - OH MY!, August 18, 2019

It has been a busy week! Hope your week was well for you. Where to start, let's begin with the Wallace Hook-In, hosted by the Remsheg Rug Hooking group. We sat out under apple trees hooking, chatting, admiring each other's work, getting fed! One can't ask for more but more we had. Rug displays and vendors. A few pictures below of the day for your enjoyment.

Renowned fibre artist, Kay LeFevre (aka Wool Genie) was present at the Wallace Hook-In with her lovely rugs. Kay's rugs are hooked with yarn. See below a few pictures of her rugs.


Thank you to the Remsheg Rug hooking group for an awesome day! Can't wait until next year.

Lucy Richards organized a small gathering at the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum on Friday to hear The Wool Genie (Kay) speak about and to see her lovely rugs. In addition, those of us who had participated in Paula Weiss song challenge brought our rugs as well to show and tell. It was a wonderful day!


I was invited to bring my shop to the annual St. David's Quilt and Rug show in Bible Hill, Truro on Saturday. The kind ladies there made me welcome and 'this is the story, according to Bev', apparently there was this 'hot' hooker in a small room of the church that set the electrical smoking! The fire department was called in and we all had to leave! Thankfully there was no damage and the smoke ended up being from the light ballast which isn't as exciting of a story as Bev's. I was tickled pink to have a couple of ladies drop in to see me (before we had to vacate the premises) who follow me on facebook and my blog and when they heard I was going to be in Truro stopped in to see me. Was so sweet and really made my day!

I had made these sunflowers for the event on Saturday, aren't they pretty?


I had showed you Donna's bunnies previously but without the background completed. Aren't they sweet?

Here is a small picture of the wonderful rugs being displayed for the grand opening today for the 200 coussins hookés / 200 hooked cushions at Église historique de Barachois, Grand-Barachois, NB. This small church will be 200 years old and to celebrate, 200 hooked rugs were requested to be done. There are 243 cushions hooked at the moment! How amazing is that? You can purchase your very own copy of the catalog, displaying all of the cushions, contact Remi levesque, he's on facebook.

Have a good week everyone! Remember, hooking at my studio, Tuesday night, hope you can make it!

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