Hook-In Season, September 22, 2019

I think one of the great things about fall is all of the 'hook-ins' that are going on this time of year. I was privileged to take my shop to the Northport Loopers annual hook-in in Northport last Monday. It was a great day and I so appreciate all of those that continue to support me and my business. I didn't get a chance to take pictures but Barb did so I snagged a couple of her pictures for you, my readers of my blog.


You may remember me mentioning Gloria Shields before as she has hooked the Chinese roundel and I think this past week I've seen her at least 3 times so you may see her in a few pictures. Gloria is in the above picture as well as the below. Gloria had hooked this lovely rug of a poodle.

I attended the weekly Springhill hooking at the Presbyterian Church last Wednesday and saw a lot of the gals that were at the Northport Hook-in. Lunch was provided, a delicious turkey soup, just like mom makes. Yum! This coming week, Sept. 25th they are serving lunch again for anyone who wishes to purchase the $5 lunch to help raise funds for repairs needed for the hall.

Yesterday I traveled to the Ottawa House in Parrsboro for a Decorative Autumn Corn class with Dwight Gallagher. It was an awesome day, lovely place to sit and hook, right on the Bay of Fundy, beautiful weather and great people to hang with. Some pictures for you to enjoy.

Not that we were in a race or anything but Lynne Lines was the first to finish hooking her corn above. It was neat to see how everyone's looked a little different.


The above pictures are of my class mates for the Decorative Autumn corn class.

I dyed up a couple of pieces to try in my next cob of corn, below is a picture of one of the pieces.

What is coming up this week? Northport Hooking Monday, 10-2, Tuesday at my studio, 10-2, Wednesday Springhill, 10-2. Saturday I'm traveling to Fredericton to attend the Whimsey Course with Doris Norman. I've never taken a course with Doris so I'm excited to learn as much as I can from Doris.

The Town and Country Thrummers are hosting a hook-in, Oct. 15th during the Fibre Arts Festival here in Amherst at the Nights of Columbus, 10-2. We need to start planning for this event, Tuesday we'll begin discussions for food, door prizes, decorations, etc. Please if you can attend Tuesday or can help out, we need as many volunteers as we can get, many hands make light work. Lynne Lines will be emailing all members for lunch requirements and donations for baskets. Dwight gave us a good idea for a table decoration on Saturday so we will begin making them as well.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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