Holy Crap Batman!

Do you have phrases that pop out of your mouth that you don't really think about and when asked, you have to think for a minute, what does it mean? My boyfriend Charlie, originally from Iran, lived in LA for 45 years, is constantly hearing words and phrases come out of my mouth that he isn't familiar with and he always asks, 'what does that mean'?  One such phrase was yesterday, I can't remember what we were talking about but out comes from my mouth, I'm not any Tom, Dick or Harry!  Yep, Charlie asks, 'what does that mean'? Well I was stumped for a minute, I googled it and read it to him which means 'anyone' and we have a good laugh.  Charlie never knows if something I say is what we now refer to as a 'Dellaism' (something I have made up) or actually is a real word or phrase....I think a lot of my friends are familiar with my Dellaisms.

I am looking for feedback of my progress on the above picture of my rug.  Started to fill in the background between the two round motifs.  Do you think this will work?  I think I like it, welcome your thoughts.

Friday, Irene Rogers visited my studio with her daughter, Catherine and granddaughter Madeline.  Catherine took the below photo of Irene, Madeline and I.  Irene is visiting from Newfoundland with her daughter who lives in New Brunswick.  Thanks so much Irene for taking the time to visit with me, you were a delight!

Charlie and I drove to Houlton, Maine yesterday and stopped on the way to visit Chris Waddy and her new studio called Loopy Wool.  What a delightful studio Chris has. As you can see from the below picture, I may have done some shopping!

In the mail this week; Pauline Verstraten shared her Santa pillow she finished.  It is lovely Polly and thanks for sharing!

Charlene Frehlick shared her recently completed rug called In the Glen, pattern by Old Tattered Flag.  Thanks for sharing Charlene!

Barb Murray finished a couple of small rugs that she hung on sweet hangers.  Both are Della's Rug Hooking patterns called Trivet Hit & Miss and Mini Sista Rug.  Great job Barb and thanks for sharing!

Lastly this week, Norma Milner shared her finished pumpkin rug, pattern by Della's Rug Hooking.  Looks great Norma!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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  • I love your new rug. The colours are beautiful and just perfect! They are vibrant and I like the way my eyes can dance over the pattern. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    • Glenda Gallop
  • I love the mat and the colours. Happy you have a fun person to work and travel with.

    • Doris Norman
  • Lovely rugs in this weeks blog and I really love the one you are presently working on.
    Wishing you a Lively Spring with lots of adventures.

    • Susan Walsh
  • You have such great products,patterns,wools,all the goodies.

    • Deb MacIntosh
  • I love the colors you chose to fill in between the motifs! Good choices! Lots of lovely rugs in your blog this week :)

    • Debra Lynn Ackles Adams