Harvest Season, August 03, 2020

It is that time of the year, if you were lucky enough to plant your own garden, you are reaping the rewards for all of your hard work this month. The feature picture above is of my father's wild blueberries. They will be ready for harvesting later this month. I grew up picking blueberries, raking blueberries, helping to clear the land as a child, hard work. Many years of hard work for my father, hoping for a good crop this year for him.

My friend Lisa and I visited a few rug shops last week during our mini stay-cation in the valley area of Nova Scotia. Neither of us had ever been to the Gaspereau Valley Yarn shop. It is a paradise of yarns for knitters, weavers and fibre artists. I purchased a variety of raw merino's to try dyeing, stay tuned!

We visited the Moose River Rug Hooking Studio. The rugs hanging on the wall, oh my. I took pictures quickly so they aren't the best but have a look.




We stayed and visited with Victoria Graham of Hooking by The Sea rug studio on Brier Island. Vickie is always so welcoming and I love seeing and hearing about how she takes her wool from her alpacas and sheep and spins their wool into lovely skeins of yarn. She showed Lisa and I how to spin her alpaca, Raven's wool. Notice the lovely black skein on the table, this is from Raven's fine coat.

I was admiring a rug on Vickie's floor that looked to be braided. Vickie said no, it was crocheted, would you like me to show you how it is done? Lisa and I said sure! Vickie used cotton, ripped strips 1 1/2" wide, folded in the raw edges and crocheted a single stitch. Lisa and I were very excited as we both liked it and want to make our own.


On the outside of Vickie's rug studio we found this and I loved it and wanted to share with you. Have an awesome week everyone.


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