Happiness, November 14, 2021

What makes you happy?  What makes you smile? What makes you feel content down to your soul?  Do you take the time to even think about your happiness? For me spending time with my family and friends is at the top of the list and Christmas time always keeps a smile on my face.  Yes I am one of those people who enjoys all that Christmas brings including the sappy Christmas Hallmark movies.  I try to watch at least 2 movies each evening as I record them ahead of time.  I was at my daughters Friday night and we had the Christmas music blasting dancing and decorating her Christmas tree.  Her daughter Sophie was so cute, she loved dancing with me to the beautiful music. Today I will work away at getting my Christmas decorations up and the tree. Below is my daughters tree so far. The tree skirt I have passed onto my daughters family, my mother, Joan Ripley had made years ago for me.

I decided mid week this week that I wanted to make a couple Christmas pillow tops.  I've completed one and the second won't take long.

I am still working on my Russian Alphabet rug in between.  I don't have anything new to report on that rug today.

I saw a posting on Facebook about someone doing an elephant rug which reminded me about a pattern I had bought years ago for my daughter as she had been to Africa and since then has loved elephants.  I am changing the trunk to go up rather than down and now to decide colours.  So much fun starting a new rug.

In the mail this week; Mary McCurdy is off and running on a new rug she started of her chocolate labs, one named Charlie who sadly passed and the other Cannon.  I custom dyed the brown for Mary.  So sweet, can't wait to see more.

Since Mary was in the studio, I took the opportunity to take her photo with my pattern Zentangle she recently completed. So cheerful the rug and Mary.

Have an awesome week everyone!


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  • Oh Della, loved the blog and your great pics. Can’t believe it’s Christmas again so soon. I have started decorating and always love the cheer it brings. Have a great day.

    • Barbara Black
  • Della , Very much enjoyed the blog post ! Christmas is a wonderful time and you certainly are a busy lady . Love those pillow tops. Can’t wait to see the elephant rug finished …spent my early childhood years in Africa and that pattern brings back memories . Keep on inspiring us !

    • Ursula
  • Della, what a lovely keepsake from your mother. Just imagine how many future generations it will be passed to!
    Your elephant rug will be gorgeous.

    • Andrée Gross
  • Hi, Della

    • Sharon Harrison
  • I really like the Christmas pillow tops and Mary’s hooking of the Zentangle pattern.

    • Doris Norman