Grandchildren, Hooking & Dyeing Wool, November 17, 2019

For the past week, my daughter Jenna and her daughter, Sophie had been visiting with me and Denver. Grammy loves having both of her grandchildren in the same house at the same time, I am so blessed. The above picture is of my grandson, Denver and granddaughter Sophie.

I said to my daughter that the week was going to be busy for me, I have the regular Tuesday hooking group here, packing up my shop to vend Wednesday in Truro, Thursday unpacking, Friday taking Jenna and Sophie back to Halifax. The week flew by in a blink of an eye.

It is the time of year to be thinking about Christmas and all that entails. I've learned over the years to not stress about it and to make Christmas what I want it to be rather than what is be expected by others. I had started my Christmas shopping some time ago but it is amazing how you blink and now we are just about a month from Christmas. Jenna and her family are going to be back for Christmas to stay during the holidays. Jenna wanted us to decorate for Christmas as she won't be back until Christmas. We got to work and the house is now ready for Christmas.

When I worked full time and ran my rug hooking studio part time, I didn't have time to well, ummm 'cut my finger nails'! Today, retired, working my studio full time, I find a hard time, to find the time to ummm 'cut my finger nails'! I've come to the conclusion, my finger nails are way down on my list of priorities of 'things to do'. Do you have those pesky little things that never seem to get done? I admire ladies who have wonderful polished nails and I think to myself, 'why can't I be like that'? We as women, find short comings and faults that we think we should improve upon. Sometimes they are legit but most times, we are just being too hard on ourselves.

The Colchester Heritage Rug Hookers invited me to vend in Truro. It was a great day and the ladies there are so kind and caring. I'd like to thank Judy for all her wonderful help setting up and tearing down. I'd also like to thank my mom (Joan) who likes to help me vend. A couple of pictures of my display.


    Kathy has finished her 'sunflower' rug and it is gorgeous. Have a peek. I dyed up the background for it.

   My brother sold me some shelves to go into my studio. I think they look awesome. Thanks Darren!

Last night I was talking with a customer about her order of wool she requested and one of them called, Della's Black, I over dye 'Dorr Black', Mary said, 'oh I love that color, I put that color in my 'Mr Ed' taught by Ruth Downing. Mary shared a photo and man it is wonderful. The black on the right is my 'Della's Black'.

Not as busy of a week this week coming. I do have more dyeing of wool to do and the regular Tuesday group here and packing up my shop Friday for another vending in Sussex on Saturday. Hope to see you there. If you are going to the hook-in and want to request any wool ahead of time, drop me a line.

I have a few spots left for the Dec. 2nd, Personal Plaid course by Donna Legere here at the studio. Please contact me if you are interested!

Have an awesome week everyone!


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