Foot Prints, January 15, 2023

I made an apple pie yesterday, the apples were still frozen so I left my rolled out dough on my island and went down stairs to do something else.  When I returned, you can see the above picture what I came back to. Clear evidence that 'someone' had been there.  When something unexpected occurs, how do you handle it?  Do you get upset?  Do you just smile and move on?  Do you grab a picture and share? Do you repeat to yourself, I love my cat, I love my cat?  I smiled, took a picture and reminded myself I love my cat.

We got a bit of snow before the rain I took this picture of my shadow, another sort of foot print.  It would appear I am tall and slim!  I will hold onto that illusion. 

I have been working on my Russian alphabet rug for my daughter's family.  White and black are the requested colours.  I am using ends of bolts for the natural (white background) and it is interesting how many 'shades' of natural will be showing up.  I am ok with it as it will all blend and be one colour as time passes. The first photo is the front of the rug.  The Russian alphabet is on the outside of the circle, inside are Russian words for love, hope, family, respect, etc.  I am doing those letters in a light grey/white and black check textures so you can see them at least.  My daughter will have to deal.

This is the back side and my secret message to my grand daughter and any future grand children.  Can you see it?

The Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia, is hosting Winter Hooking Days 2023.  See below event times and I sure hope you can join in, will be fun!

A recent Facebook post of some old rugs at a local auction has started a lot of conversation regarding our own rugs and how we can ensure they don't end up in the garbage or at an auction.  We understand not all family members will want our creations but within the rug hooking community we will want to help preserve works of art so at the very least, have a buddy or group that will look after your works of art when you are no longer able to enjoy them. Have arrangements clearly spelled out.  The Hooked Rug Museum of North America located in Hubbards, Nova Scotia is also a good place and have your rugs over 25 years old from current date, registered with The Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia - Heritage Rug Registry. Here is a link

One of the rugs at the auction, rang some bells with my memory of my grandmother hooking the same pattern.  I asked my mother about the rug and she said it was rolled up in her closet as the corners of the rug were getting quite worn, my grandmother hooked this rug and the next I will show you in the 60's, not sure exactly when and I will get these rugs registered.  The first photo of the dogs, my mother bought the pattern for my grandmother and I remember my grandmother hooking on it.  The second, my grandmother drew out her own pattern.  The materials used were cut up old clothing.

In the mail this week; Diane Benoit finished a marathon hooking of my pattern called Three Wishes in time for her mother for Christmas. Well done Diane.

Have a great week everyone!

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  • Heartwarming letter. I too have a cat that I “love”. I have to make sure my butter is always covered or I wake up to tongue impressions. The rugs are magnificent.

    • Tracey Kinsella
  • WOW! What treasures to have your Grandmother’s rugs! I’m sure the edges can be restored. Not sure I would be so “forgiving” of your kitty LOL :)

    • Debra Ackles Adams
  • Love your family rug! The hidden message is beautiful in meaning and in hooking. I know they will love it Della.
    Enjoy your day! See you this summer!

    • Marie van Berkel
  • Haha love your pie crust great surprise 😀

    • Linda Spencer
  • I believe the mat with the puppies is an old design produced be an Ontario needle embroidery coMpany. I am not at home to verify using the NBMat Register books but I will on Tuesday,

    • Doris Norman