Fly, Fly Away, October 03, 2021

The Canadian geese are on their way, daily, morning and night I see flocks of geese making their long journey to warmer climates.  They talk to me each time they fly over my house, seriously, they honk and I tell them to please travel safe.  I am sure a lot of Canadians wish they could fly off to warmer climates this winter.

I have made a little progress on my Bunka project, the trees and bottom half of the design is complete and I am liking it.

My daughter inspired me to begin a rug for her daughters playroom, she wants it to be black lettering with a cream background.  This will be fun to do.  I have printed out the Russian alphabet that she wants, ready to transfer to the linen.  There are a couple of blanks as I am missing the letters. Stay tuned for my progress.

The Valdani Perle Cotton Threads, size 12 and 8 are now listed on my web site under Shop, Other Products.

In the mail this week; Carol Anne Cowan shared a couple of her rugs with me that she has completed. The wreath was an experiment with wool fabric, yarn, velvet berries and ceramic snowflakes.  The second picture, Carol Anne`s grandson drew for his mother a picture and he chose the colours and grammy hooked it.  Both are great rugs.  Thanks for sharing Carol Anne.

Mary McCurdy shared some pictures of the rugs she has completed since she began rug hooking in March of this year.  I would say she is definitely hooked!  Thanks for sharing with us Mary!

Have a great week everyone!

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  • Still loving your Bunka rug! So detailed and such fine work! Can’t wait to see the rug you are making for Ms. Sophie’s playroom! It is going to be beautiful!

    • Debra Ackles Adams
  • Wow! I finally meet someone who does Bunka as well! After 18 months of no classes I am back taking Bunka classes! So enjoy it! This month’s blog is great! Thanks!

    • Len Graaf