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First off, my thoughts and prayers are for all Nova Scotian's affected by last weeks forest fires. We've received some much needed rain since Friday but I'm told it will take perhaps months to completely extinguish the fires.  We must all be diligent and act responsibly.  Nova Scotia Stay Strong!  My granddaughter Sophie told me tonight that she is donating her toys she no longer plays with to the families who have lost their homes as another child may like her toys.  Gosh she is something.

Do you get satisfaction from finishing a project?  When finishing a rug hooking project is it considered 'done' when you have finished hooking it or once you've finished the edges of your rug by whipping, turning under the edges, sewn down edges, placed in a frame, hung on your walls, etc?  Maybe you consider your project complete once hooked, rolled up and placed in your closet? I'm not judging.  For me, I get great satisfaction finishing projects.  The above hanging baskets, were made by me.  Last summer a couple friends and I took a macrame course.  I remember making a plant hanger when I was a teenager.  The cording used for the macrame has improved over the years and these are made from recycled cotton and it is so soft to the touch and can be washed!  How great is that?  I had purchased spools of the cording in the above colours and never did a thing with it since last summer.  So I was pleased to finally get some plant hangers completed and I will be selling these and many more similar to these in my studio.

I don't have any progress to share on my Summer's End 'rug school' rug I've been working on.  Maybe next week.

In the mail this week; Lynne Lines has completed a few of her projects.  An abstract and an Elaine Harrison rug.  They are both beautiful, well done girl.

Diane Benoit has finished her rug hooking project in memory of her two labs.  It is gorgeous.

Carol Cowan finished up this lovely rug she placed in an old window frame that she painted.  The blues and grey in the water and sky were supplied by Della's Rug Hooking Studio.  The frame sets it off Carol!  Thanks for sharing!

Have a great week everyone!


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  • Beautiful work, ladies

    • Sonia Collis