February 19, 2017

My SWEET Sale is now over but what a wonderful 15 days of the sale it was!  I hope everyone got what they needed but you know where to find me if you need more wool!

It has been a week of snow storms.  We've gotten our winter's worth of snow in one week but it won't last long, it already is warming up and it is almost the end of February.

I've been able to get a lot of hooking done in the last week.  Lots of decisions to be made, seems never ending.  The bottom portion of my Tall Ship Tales I was able to finish.  What do you think?  I'm loving it!  A friend of mine is going to needle felt for me smoke coming out of the steam engines going across that gravel above the steam engines.  I think this will lend a nice look.

The bottom right, it looks black but it is actually green grass.

I put some lighter shades of green going down into it.

The sky! What to do what to do.  I had dyed up 'many' sky blues and it was the 'easy' way out but I wanted something different and was toying with the idea of a sunset or rise.  I could paint the sunset or rise but I didn't want to.  Lainy posted a picture this morning on Facebook that decided it for me.  Isn't it a beautiful sunrise?

I knew when I saw her picture, I wanted to have some pretty pinks, purples and reds in my sky.  I had dyed up some wool yesterday for what I was thinking along with some textured wool and I had some fabulous merino wool yarn that I wanted to mix in.

I debated, should I? Shouldn't I?.  So I procrastinated.  I hooked some of the ropes, ladders and mast of the ship then did some baking.  Walked next door to visit, chatted with my mom (ok asking for advise) and then got down to work, eventually this afternoon to see how it would all look together!

This is a picture of the Dorr wool dyed and the textured wool I had dyed the same way.

didn't think the 'white' yarn I used to hook the ropes would work and once I got some of this pretty sky wool in, it got lost so I'll do the rope last in a nice black I figure once the sky is done.  I've got a couple more flags to figure out as well, but I'm getting there and getting excited to get this finished.

I had left room for a border around my piece but now I'm thinking I may not bother with a border.  Would welcome your thoughts on a border.

Have a super week everyone!

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