February 05, 2017

Oh my, what a week it has been!  I fretted needlessly about my 'SWEET' Sale, the response has been over whelming and gratifying.  I'm getting your orders out as fast as I can!  10 more days to go so get your order in before it ends!

Needless to say, I haven't been able to get much hooking done.  My Tall Ship Tale rug sat, resting comfortably, on my hooking table.  I did manage to rip out all of the 'light beige'. I wasn't liking it and I am in the progress of replacing it with a goldish yarn.  I don't care to hook with yarn so the yarn and I are NOT friends, not one little bit.  We will get through this though.

It has been so bitterly cold this week in Nova Scotia.  Thankfully the sun shone, that always helps one to feel warmed up a bit.  Mr groundhog didn't see his shadow this week, so winter will be over soon, so the story goes.

I hope you all have a great week!

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