Father's Day June 18, 2023

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who are tightly bonded to their children, whether through blood or love.  The above picture is of my dad who rarely smiles so I was happy to capture it.

I love visitors in the studio. Below is of Paula Weiss (the queen on her throne) and her subjects, Erin McKenna and Lynn Kinsella.  Paula made the chair she is sitting on, well the cushion she made for it.  These girls get around, they just returned from a wonderful fibre trip to Wales.

Paula showed off her 'coat of many colours' she hand stitched all the embellishments on it.  She has a wonderful knack of knowing what needs to go where.  Front and back pictures below.

I finished up my rug school project, a Marion Rose replica of Summer's End painting.  I really love this.

We had our closing for the summer on Wednesday for the Friends, Hook,Nook Springhill Rug Hooking group, a beautiful meal was prepared and dessert that we all very much enjoyed.  These are a wonderful group of ladies.

In the mail this week; Diane Benoit's husband completed this lovely frame for around her recent finished Maud Lewis rug for a wedding gift.  It is lovely Diane.

Charlene Frehlick forwarded me her finished Van Gogh, Starry Starry Night she finished, pattern by Della's Rug Hooking Studio.  I love the purples in this, wonderful job Charlene and thanks for sharing with us.

Have an awesome week everyone!


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  • It was fun to visit with you Della! Love the New Brunswick plaid wool and all of the pretty skeins of embroidery cotton I purchased from you. Looking forward to my next visit :-)

    • Erin McKenna