Exciting News! October 25, 2020

I am very excited to announce that Della's Rug Hooking, hand dyed wool, will be available and sold by Suzanne Wismer Studio in Calgary, Alberta. Go to her Facebook page, Suzanne Wismer Studio or call her at 403-542-7859. Below is a peek at Suzanne's studio in her home, it is truly lovely.

I have finished up few projects which I've shared pictures with you in previous blogs. This week I picked up my Denver Fish rug once again. I am still struggling with his mouth. Just about every visitor to my studio, I've teased them that they may enter if they can help me fix my grandson's mouth on my rug! Christine from PEI, assisted me last and I tried what she suggested and ripped out a few more times and finally I have said, enough is enough, I give up! I finished up Denver's hand, the fish and put the white in the Toronto on his sweater in which the 'R' looks like an A. I have always struggled with letters.

This week in the mail, Christine finished up her racoon rug, it is adorable, she hooked Della's Rug Hooking, Northern Lights, hand dyed sparkle wool in the sky which I think looks wonderful! Good job Christine.

Susan shared her beautiful turtle rug she finished hooking and used Della's Rug Hooking, hand dyed wool yarn. This happens to also be a pattern by Suzanne Wismer Studios.

Have a safe and wonderful week everyone!

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