Every Rug Tells a Story, Part 5, By Guest Blogger - Rennie Roop, March 01, 2021

This story is about fear, or rather overcoming fear.

In 2018, I began planning a trip to Manitoba to see my brother and his family.  What better gift for each of his grandchildren than a photo-based hooked pillow by (great) Auntie Rennie! My ambition was greater than my skill as a new rug hooker.  I had never hooked a face before.  Could I actually replicate a photograph to capture the love I had for these children?  I had to.  And I did!   Ten months, many tears and six pillows later, I was able to deliver these gifts in person.




Funny 'little' story. I decided last week I wanted to 'knit' a hat for myself. I have never knit a hat, can't be that hard, let's do it. Use my own hand dyed 100% wool yarn, it'll be fabulous! Looked for a 'free' hat pattern online. Found one that I liked, see picture below.

See my knitted hat below, sitting on my knee! It might fit my granddaughters dolly's head! I got the knitting germ out of my system, and I'm ready to move on.

In the mail this week, I've had lots of visitors to my studio this past week and I didn't snag one picture of a rug.

Have a good week everyone!

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