Every Rug Tells a Story, Part 4, By Guest Blogger - Rennie Roop, February 15, 2021

With each rug we create, we put a bit of our heart into it… be it a special person who will receive the rug, or a precious memory or emotion.  Let us continue to look through our photographs to remind us of a sweet, perhaps forgotten, memory.  Tell stories through the rugs we create.  And sew in / hook in a little love.

Let us be intentional in adding special memories as we hook.  Why do you love turquoise?  Did you have a special dress or sweater that colour years ago?  Do those winter snowmen scenes remind you of when you were young? With no credentials except a passionate belief in the power of our personal stories, I submit that many of our choices come from a story longing to be told.  Happy hooking!  Happy Storytelling.

Today is Valentines Day, we shouldn't need a special day to tell those we love, that we love them. I am glad there is a day dedicated though because for those of us that 'forget' to love ourselves, tell those around us we care about them, this is a chance to start over and remind ourselves and others, we love them.

I have been working on a Janine Broscious pattern called B'Happy. I had lots of my Fantasia, hand dyed wool, left over from my Sister Flower pattern and thought, why not use the same colours in this rug of Janine's. The problem though is the bumble bee won't show up well against the yellow/gold/orange so I made my bumble bee purple, perhaps he looks a bit more like moth!

This week in the mail, Susan finished her Tiffany rug. It is beautiful and can you spot a heart in her rug? This is her signature she leaves in each rug she hooks or paints.

Lisa finished up her Moose River pattern of sheep. She did an excellent job!

Shelley finished up her 'inch mat' that we collaborated on drawing out. It is gorgeous.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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