Every Rug Tells a Story, By Guest Blogger - Rennie Roop, April 18, 2021

Karen has been my friend for over fifty years. She loves photography and capturing the beauty of God’s creation. Karen took this photo when she was 16 years old, and her father took a photo of her taking this photo.

For her milestone birthday, I hooked the milkweed/ladybug image as a pillow. I was able to deliver it on our cross-Canada camping trip in the summer of 2019.

Happy 65th Birthday, dear friend.



Always great to hear from you Rennie!

Last week, instead of posting wool on my virtual shopping, I did a Facebook 'live' feed.  Next time I'll give you some warning so you can plan to attend!  I will do a 'live' feed of my studio again soon. 

I would like to hear what you would like me to showcase tomorrow, Monday, April 19th, from my studio for Virtual Shopping Monday.  Drop me a note.

This week in the mail, Shelley Myers completed her Searsport pattern with a few modifications on her part and it is gorgeous.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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  • What a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your friend! I wish I were able to click on your photos and make them bigger so I could see them :) Love Shelley’s rug! Gorgeous!

    • Debra Ackles Adams