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We are nearly half way through November but old man winter seems to have arrived as we have been experiencing very cold temperatures and snow for the last few weeks.  What is up with that? The poor maple leaves hadn’t fallen from the trees as of yet. You can see from the above photo the frost on the ground almost on a daily basis now.

My surgery went well or at least I think it has. Healing time and getting mobility back in the knee will take time I am told. I am up walking about and following medication and exercises to the T.

In the mail this week; I don’t have any completed rugs from customers to share this week.

Have a great week everyone!



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  • Speedy recovery. Elevation and ice
    Just stick your leg out in-the frost
    Well wishing you well

    • Arlene Tift
  • When you get the clips out and have physio it will be smooth sailing

    • jean fawthrop
  • Hi Della, so glad you r thru your surgery, from here and now it’s onward and upward!
    Sending positive healing thoughts to you and HUGS

    • Susan Walsh
  • Glad Charlie is taking such good care of you and that you are following instructions! LOL :) Hope you are all better soon <3

    • Debra Lynn Ackles Adams