Creativity, June 19, 2022

As a maker of 'things', we know we can use our imagination to create anything we would like and sometimes from everyday things. I am always impressed with how people come up with alternate ways to get things done when they don't have what is traditionally used, for example, a sprinkler hose.  You don't have one, take a plastic water bottle, poke holes in the bottom of it, tape it onto the end of a water hose, viola, a sprinkler of sorts.  The picture above is my granddaughter Sophie.  I had dyed up silk pieces a few years ago to be used in rug hooking.  My daughter thought the pieces would make wonderful play pieces for her daughter to use her imagination. They have found many uses for the silks.  The above picture you can see Sophie wearing the silk as a skirt.  She is just the cutest.   She is styling the green silk.

I finished up my Ultra (mini) punch piece, pattern inspired with permission by Grumpy Goat Gallery.

I am back to working on a geometric piece using my 'off the bolt' textures I have in stock.  I am using a #8 cut and it is hooking up quickly.

Here is a closer picture of the textures as I find they don't show up so well in the photo of the purple and green.

In the mail this week; Anita Brazier shared her finished piece, pattern by Lucy Richards, Norm the Gnome.  Great job Anita.

I am now all over COVID-19 and happy to kick that to the curb.  Be well everyone and have a great week!

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  • Hi Della. Do you have any of the Briggs and Little dyed in Daffodil??

    • Sheila Wilson
  • Hi, Della. Sophie gets cuter every week!

    • Andree Gross