Connections, February 27, 2022

We are all connected, we are all human, we hurt, we love, we bleed. The last world pandemic was in 1918, Influenza.  We have had to learn to deal and live with COVID 19 over the past two years. Most of us had never had to deal with a pandemic in our life time.  Millions have lost their lives.  We need to continue to be kind and loving.  More changes coming our way in Nova Scotia with the lifting of restrictions.  Please continue to be understanding of those who may be struggling with these new changes.

This past week Russia attached Ukraine.  The last World War ended in 1945.  Most of us have never experienced war in our life time. It hurts our hearts to hear, and see the events going on in Europe.  We need to be kind and loving and count our blessings every gosh darn day.

I have hooked a bit on my Laughing Whale.  It continues to be a struggle to hook with the alternate fibres but I'm getting it done!

In the mail this week; Janice Boiduk has been busy with a couple of rugs.  Both gorgeous, both her designs.

Rosemary Rideout shared her original design completed during the Nova Scotia Virtual Rug School during Shirley Joyce's Creative Indigenous class.  Very nice Rosemary!

Ursula Gulliver completed her Northern Lights rug she designed.  It is fabulous, thanks for sharing Ursula.


 Have a great week everyone!


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  • How right you are about connections and that we should count our blessings ! Thanks for featuring my rug . The Laughing Whale is fabulous as are the other featured pieces . Great inspiration for us all .

    • ursula
  • Della, your whale mat has turned out beautifully.

    • Andrée Gross
  • Beautiful rugs all! And yes, we are all reminded just our lucky we are to live in this beautiful country of Canada. Give thanks each day and be kind <3

    • Debra Ackles Adams