Cloud 9 Anyone? June 20, 2021

Have you noticed the clouds the last few weeks?  If you live in Northern Nova Scotia you may have noticed the spectacular formation the clouds have been making. I can’t describe adequately nor take a good enough picture of them but the above picture is a recent photo of the clouds around me.  They seem to be rolling, puffy, go from dark grey to light grey to various shades of white and all sorts of sizes. For some reason I need to hook clouds. I went to my stash, grabbed all sorts of various fibres and dyed up some various wool and I’m itching to sit down and hook a cloud rug or several cloud rugs.  I’ve never taken the time to try to hook clouds so this may take a few tries, maybe 9 to get it right or at least close to what I want.  Stay tuned, I am looking forward to clouds coming my way!

Update on my daughter Jenna, she is mending well and was missing her husband and daughter a lot. She has a follow-up appointment with her surgeon on the 22nd in Halifax so I took her back home to Halifax on Saturday.  Sophie was so happy to see her mamma.  It will be another 4 weeks before she can chew food and probably several months to get the feeling all back in her face. All good hopefully from here on out.

My daughter has been a fan of Montessori learning for some time. She has been purchasing LOVEVERY brand of children’s toys since the birth of her daughter. A new delivery arrived for Sophie from LOVEVERY and these flowers were part of the package (see below picture). I had to share with you as the flowers appear to be felted. They are simply beautiful.

In the mail this week, Simone MacNeil shared her Tall Flower pattern by Della’s Rug Hooking.  She is doing an awesome job!

Virtual Shopping Mondays will teturn tomorrow! Highlight will be bundles and swatches!

Have a great week everyone!

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  • So glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend. I am diving into those Northumberland inspired yarns this week. They are so yummy.

    • Rosemary Rideout
  • I’m on Cloud 9 knowing that Jenna is on the mend! She is so very lucky to have you for a Mom! Love the felted flowers and the Sunflower rug!

    • Debra Ackles Adams