Christmas (Magic), November 20, 2022

The other day I saw the perfect sunrise (above picture) and knew I would share it with you today.

What does Christmas mean to you?  Were your childhood memories good or not so good during the Christmas holidays?  Today do you struggle to have good Christmas memories? My wish for you is to be brave enough to make new happier memories.    The title of this blog is Christmas (Magic) as I believe Christmas is magic.  Everyone seems to be happier, there are more smiles on faces, the feeling I have around Christmas is wonderful as well.  Perhaps Christmas is a feeling?  Do you have traditions?  Are you going to start new traditions?  Do you participate or watch your local Christmas parade?  It isn't just for children you know.  Do you watch your favourite Christmas movies during Christmas?  Do you like to decorate your home? Yard? Tree?  What about baking or learning to bake your favourite foods?  Speaking of baking, I've spent my afternoon today watching Mary Janet MacDonald from Tunes & Wooden Spoons.  Today she was Live on Facebook teaching us how to make her bread rolls.  If you want to learn how to bake, watch someone who makes you smile and learn like Mary Janet .  She had lovely music being played today and two handsome helpers.  It is always a good time.  What about family gatherings?  Will you spend time with friends or family during the holidays?  Whatever it is you like to do during the holidays, my wish is that it makes you feel happiness and smile.

I haven't progressed much on my trash bin but here is a picture below for you.  I have been knitting socks and ultra punching gifts for Christmas.

In the mail this week; Helen Valentin shared her Nutcracker she is working on.  Thanks for sharing Helen and we want to see another photo once done please.

Teralisa Ripley is fast approaching the end of this huge project.  She is hooking this for her dining table, she plans to cover with plastic and have this out for the holidays.  It is beautiful.

Have a good week everyone.

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  • Thanks for the Christmas cheer ! I too believe it is not just for kids . Christmas can be a wonderful time and your suggestion to make new happy memories is lovely . Love the pics . We always look forward to our annual Family Boxing Day Potluck at my stepson’s place . No decorating but working on some small hooked Christmas pieces . Happy knitting and punching. :)

    • Ursula
  • Hi Della. You made beautiful things for Christmas. Very colorful.
    We dont have Christmas here but many people decorate a Christmas tree including my son.

    • Lale Çağlar
  • I am happily hooking Christmas themed projects. Today I finished a snowman! My tree is supposed to be up but the hooking is too addictive! Also, the boys have been working too much. We will put it up on Tuesday. Loved your punch booking designs you’re currently working on ;)

    • Lara Fawthrop