Celebrations, September 04, 2022

It has been a summer of celebrations, people getting together enjoying normal activities, traveling, etc. Last week I was privileged to be with some wonderful rug hookers at a retreat in PEI.  It was a lot of fun, relaxing and no house work! The above photo was taken from the balcony, deck of our retreat which we sat and hooked on all day over looking the bay.

Last night I attended a wedding dance for my cousins daughter and it was a blast!  The below photo are two of my very best friends, the three amigos (L-R Della, Shelley, Teralisa), we have been friends since we were babes.  We worked together at the same company for many years and we like to travel south together so tons of memories that one of us should remember! We are all rug hookers as well.

I finished up my 'hit & miss' rug while at my rug hooking retreat. This was a lot of fun to do. I started a new rug by Joan Kay.

In the mail this week; Caroline Simpson was at the same rug hooking retreat that I was at last week, Caroline showed me one of her rugs that was in the latest Celebrations Magazine and she said, Della, those greys in the background are your wool!  Have a look.

Joy Toole, another attendee at the rug retreat finished up this beautiful rug below.

Have an awesome week everyone!


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  • It is always wonderful getting together and sharing laughter with old friends. And they are rug hookers too! I love your “hit or miss” rug and congratulations on a completed project. Well done!

    • Lauri T