Blooming Season, May 16, 2021

We have had some very nice weather this weekend, sun has been bright, flowers are blooming.  Above are my phlox minus the grass that likes to grow in it.  Outside work keeps me busy this time of year and I`m sure you as well.

Today has been a strange day for me.  I needed to go digging for pictures.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love taking photos and I take a lot!  I meticulously save them by year on my external hard drive so I will have them forever!  How often do I go and look at them? Rarely!  Frankly today searching year by year looking for specific photos saddened me.  This person is no longer with us, that person is gone, I didn't realize memories can be sad.  We will always have our memories I am always told, but maybe we don't want to feel heartbreak when thinking of those memories?  Do you ever experience these kind of feelings?

The rug hooking community has lost two wonderful souls this week.  I didn't know Ruth or Sandra well but I have lasting memories of the times when we have met and chatted.

Ruth was one of those people that was very humble in her artistry.  I was amazed at her beautiful rugs when I first began rug hooking.  Below is a little write up that was posted on Facebook that some of you may have seen.

Sandra was very generous and a kind rug hooker.  The year I lost my husband to cancer (2017) Sandra was instrumental in bringing a bus load of rug hookers to my rug studio.  She will never know what that meant to me.  The kindness of all of the rug hookers that day will forever stay with me.  The second photo below is Sandra in the pink.

I have been getting a lot done on my Holly Hill Design, Checkered Past.  Only 3 blocks left to do and a bit of the border.

I had met Tatiana Knodel on a rug hooking cruise early last year before the lock down.  Tatiana lives in Ontario with her husband and is a wonderful artist.  Recently she posted a new rug she had completed and I knew I just had to have the pattern and she graciously allowed me to purchase a pattern.  See below, it is much bigger than I had thought.  Stay tuned on this one.

This week in the mail, Karen Stratton finished her whale pattern.  I had custom dyed the background for her.  She did a wonderful job and once it is framed I'll share another photo.

Have an awesome week everyone.

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  • Thanks Della….Photos do have a way of making us laugh, cry all kinds of emotions…love seeing yours today…Can’t wait til we can get together again….Hugs….

    • joann
  • Your phlox is stunning! Memories can make us tearful, that’s for sure, however, I find with time, they make us smile more than cry and appreciate those that have gone before us <3 Wow, that new pattern is going to be a an ambitious project with lots of detail! Can’t wait to see the colors you choose!

    • Debra Ackles Adams