Beautiful Autumn, October 17, 2021

All of the glorious colours surrounding us here in Northern Nova Scotia just makes a body feel wonderful!  I'll be sad to see all the leaves fall from the trees.  It is my favorite time of year I must admit.  The above picture I captured at a friends camp. A few of us were fortunate to spend a day hooking by the lake.  It was so peaceful.  I grabbed the below shot from the deck looking over the little lake.

I finished a Bunka kit that was gifted to me from Vivienne and I am so appreciative of receiving this wonderful gift.  I had never done Bunka before.  It is a Japanese embroidery using a metal punch needle of sorts. I looked up Youtube videos to 'figure' it out.

In the mail this week; Mary McCurdy is sharing her progress on one of my patterns called Zentangle.  She is ready to fill it in with glorious colours.  Can't wait to see more Mary!

Have a good week everyone!

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  • You do beautiful work in hooking bunka and picture taking. It is also my favorite time of year! Thanks for sharing Della.

    • Marie van Berkel
  • Thanks for a peek at the glorious colors in your area. Leaves are mostly green here in North Carolina usually need cooler temperatures. Coming soon. Happy fall

    • Reenstra Ruth