Be Kind, June 11, 2023


In life, there are always going to be changes.  Some good, some not so good but how we deal with them is what is important.  Having a support system, family and friends always helps for the not so good changes and even the good ones are nice to share.  I know lots of people are going through a lot, especially here in Nova Scotia due to the recent fires.  I hope we can be kind to those around us as we don't know what they may be experiencing in their lives.  A shoulder to cry on, vent, talking about things is what connects us.  I know I so enjoy when hooking with my friends sharing about our lives and supporting one another.  I call it cheap therapy.  I hope you have a group or friends and family that you can share the good and bad times with.

I finished up my latest 'diamond art' project.  Just have to frame it, was fun to do.

I had my daughter's family and my grandson here this weekend.  I decided I should teach Sophie how to hook and started with punching. She did very well and knew when she had enough.

I had a couple of visitors last week from Maine, was so nice to see Lauri and Sara.  Lucy Richards tagged along but I didn't get her photo.

In the mail this week; Lisa Dixon shared her completed project.  She said she really 'loved' the finishing of the edges (not).  Good job Lisa!

Diane Benoit finished this lovely Maud Lewis pattern, very nice.

Have good week everyone.

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  • Sophie is concentrating so hard! Good for her!

    • Debra Lynn Ackles Adams