Baby It's COLD Outside, January 23, 2022

I'm not sure who originally wrote and sang the song, 'Baby It's Cold Outside' but I know it got some attention a few years ago and some radio stations stopped playing the song due to complaints from listeners.  I know for sure here in Nova Scotia, it is darn COLD outside so that song popped into my head.  The sunrises though are beautiful and I caught one this week above.

No further updates on a hooking project for me (hanging  I have been very busy dyeing wool for customers though so all is good.

I want to showcase a beautiful rug hooked by my good friend Shelley Myers.  A few years ago I had seen this rug hooked by Deb Krause's and it inspired me to purchase and hook this pattern.  It is a Jane McGown pattern called, Chinese Roundel. Shelley was inspired to hook this rug after seeing my hooked rug and her husband purchased her the pattern a number of years ago.  Shelley doubted she had the skill to hook this pattern, she finally got brave enough to hook it and it is fabulous.  Wool hand dyed by Della's Rug Hooking Studio.

I have said a few times, I want to write a blog about this pattern and all of the versions I have seen of it hooked. I'll get to it one day.  If you have a version you would like to share, please do.  So far I have Gloria Shields, Lori Nieckarz, Lainy Young, Deb Krause, Shelley Myers and I.  I'm sure there are more out there, lets showcase them!

Susan Turnbull shared her beautiful rug she hooked with yarn. It is beautiful Susan.

Chris Antle has finished up her Owl chair pad collection she has been working on and all I can say is WOW! Individually they are fabulous but together like this even more so.  Works of art indeed.

Have an awesome week everyone, stay warm!

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  • Della, the colors in the Roundel are spectacular. All this week’s projects are beautifully done.

    • Andree Gross
  • I love owls and Chris’ designs and her execution of the designs is wonderful. The moon in each scene pulls it all together. Susans roses give a cheerful feeling and it is a rug that makes me smile. Shelley’s version of that Roundel pattern is jaw dropping. Such skill! It is cold here in Maine also but Spring (and mud season) are not far away!

    • Lauri T.
  • Awesome post Della,you have been busy!

    • Barb Murray
  • Beautiful sunrise!! Love Shelley ’s rug…what a lovely design. Love the owls too. You ladies are sooo talented.

    • Ricki LeBlanc
  • Wow! That’s is some sunrise! Shelley’s Rug is fabulous! Love the purple in it! Those owl chair pads are wonderful, almost too pretty to sit on!

    • Debra Ackles Adams