As The Geese Fly, November 06, 2019

A flock of geese were flying over head on Sunday as I walked to my mothers, their honking was if they were saying, 'see you next spring'! I felt a little envious that they were getting out of the cold and to some place warm but I know I wouldn't want to live any where else, I so enjoy the seasons.

I traveled to Black Point on Saturday with 3 other rug hookers to attend the St. Margaret's Bay Schoolhouse, annual Harvest Hook-In. It was a great time. A few pictures of the rug display for your enjoyment. It was an awesome time! The soups were absolutely wonderful and the 'make your own sandwich' was an awesome idea.






Jodi showed me her rug that is coming along beautifully. She is hooking this all in yarn. I dyed up the yarn for the background. It is so nice to meet people at a hook-in using my products. Several ladies I had never met before commented about enjoying reading my weekly blog. Hearing comments like that just makes my day! Rug Hookers are the kindest people I think.

Marilyn had purchased my Sunflower kit, below is her picture with her hooked piece. She exchanged out the dip dye wool that came in the kit for colors of her own liking. She did a lovely job.

I've been busy dyeing up wool yarns of all sorts of colors. This is a picture of my bin of wool yarns.

This lovely color called 'Wonderous' is dyed wool yarn and fabric to match. Looks beautiful. I've updated my web page for the yarn and wool fabric.

Today I had the ladies in for our weekly hooking. We had a good crowd. Don't hesitate if you are in the area to drop in, would love to see you! Heather Wilkes was working on her punching, she had taken a class during the Fibre Festival. It is lovely.

My good friend Lisa, has finished up a couple of outstanding projects. Aren't they lovely? Lisa has used mostly wool yarns in these rugs and is trying her hand now at punching.

Next Wednesday, November 13th, I will be in Truro at the Douglas School vending if anyone wishes to stop by to say hi. I will take orders ahead of time as well.

November 11th is Veterans Day. Take a minute to pay your respects to those who have fought for our freedom. I can not imagine a life where my family went off to war and some to never return. I'm sure we all know someone who fought, or serves our country. Don't take today for granted, it is a gift.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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