Are You a Fibre Artist? July 13, 2020

Do you think of yourself as a fiber artist? If you create with your hands, use fibers, fabrics, and yarns, yes I'd call you a fiber artist. Isn't it a great time to be a Fiber Artist? We get to work with our hands, we get to create what we want with materials we want. It feeds our souls, gives us pleasure and makes us happy. Call it whatever you want, I call it peace.

The days are getting shorter, we are in the middle of July already, how did that happen? I think we've been enjoying a pretty good summer so far in Nova Scotia weather wise. We need some rain though. I hear lots of people talking about how to make this summer count and be meaningful. How to enjoy what is around us and our neighbors. Explore your province or state that you live in. So much to see that we haven't explored as we are usually too busy wanting to see or explore something outside of our province, state or country.

I got a bit more done on my 'Denver Fishing' rug. His sweater and one hand is now done. I re-did his hair. My daughter pointed out it was too close to the hat color. I love feedback, makes me look closer at what I'm doing.

In the mail this week, Linda finished her Unicorn pillow cover. She is a fast hooker. Her granddaughter is going to love it!

Linda Durand, finished up her rug she did of her granddaughter and it is done entirely with yarn. Beautiful.

Don't lose sight of continuing to be safe, wash your hands, wear your mask, social distance. Have a good week everyone!

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