April 15, 2017

Two weeks ago this past Wednesday, our world was turned upside down with the news that my husband, Eldon, has cancer. My husband turned 57 last weekend.

I’m not telling you this looking for sympathy but simply to inform you if you have noticed my absence responding to posts and I haven’t been blogging.

Monday, March 27th, my husband went in for day knee surgery and the next day I was having him taken by ambulance to the local hospital. By Wednesday we had received the news he has cancer and the next day Eldon was transported to a near by city hospital where there is an oncology unit.

Monday, April 3rd, Eldon began radiation and by Wednesday, April 5th, a biopsy was done to find out the origin of the cancer. It is Kidney cancer.

I’m quickly learning that every day seems to be different and there are many highs and lows and I think I cried straight for 2 weeks. So many medical terms to learn and ‘things’ no one wants or needs to know.

I’m also learning there are many folks living with cancer every day and many who have gone years with cancer so I’m sharing this with all of you in the hopes you can share the ‘good stories’ of others who have or had cancer and who are thriving and surviving.

My husband was able to get a weekend pass to come home this Easter holiday weekend which is truly a blessing. We’ll take one day at a time and try to embrace every moment we have.

Enjoy your loved ones and don’t sweat the small stuff.

The picture I have attached to this blog is a building across the road from the hospital where my husband is staying. I have been admiring this building and with the bright sunshine and pretty blue sky I had to take a picture.


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