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It has been a few weeks since I have wrote my blog. I was away in California, LA area for 10 days. In the above photo you can see the lovely hill sides. Some look barren others lush with trees.  Mountains were never far off it seemed.

We visited Santa Clarita, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Los Vegas and San Francisco. The below picture is of the Golden Gate Bridge. We did a lovely sunset cruise under it.

We saw sea lions who have claimed Pier 39 as theirs.

You can't take a Canadian girl to California and not expect them to want to go to the beach right? Below is over looking Lugana Beach.

Los Vegas was everything I had imagined it would be.  We walked the strip, visited many Casino's along the way, attended a diner theatre, rode the venetian gondola, ate at an all you can eat seafood buffet. Went 'down town' Vegas that was amazing as well. Below is a ceiling I had taken a photo of I think at Caesars Palace.

Some friends we stayed with had this below beautiful rug on their wall.  They had no idea what it was only that they had acquired it from a previous house owner that they had bought from who had made this rug. I could see it was made with various yarns and made at different heights.  It is beautiful and very large.

Today the time changed, we gained an hour.  Tomorrow I will be having my knee replaced, another big change.  I will be out of commission for a bit but hopefully not for long.

In the mail this week; Kathy Naylor shared her lovely 'Celtic knot' rug she just finished. So vibrant.

Gayle Wynn shared her finished Saint Nick rug.  Lovely Gayle.

Have a great week everyone!

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  • Good luck Della hope everything goes well. Thinking of you

    • Rose McEachern
  • I just know you are going to come thru your knee surgery well, and I wish you an amazing outcome Della!
    Your trip and photos are lovely, and I really love those Smiles!
    Hugs from Love London Ontario

    • Susan Walsh
  • Take care. Slow and easy. Do all the therapy even if it hurts!!!

    • Ruth Reenstra
  • I wish you a safe and speedy recovery. My husband just did his knee. Ice and meds on time. Elevate. Support sock. A very loving caregiver for sure

    • Arlene Tift
  • Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery, Della. Glad you had such a great trip. 💕

    • Carole Fullerton