A Moment, A Year, Many Years, May 01, 2022


Today is my daughter Jenna's birthday, big 30! I will turn 60 this year and for some reason that number has been troubling me.  Not so many years left on the other side of that number it seems.  Makes one face their mortality. It sure doesn't seem like 30 years have passed since I had my last child. The photo above I took yesterday before my daughter dashed out to a 2000 themed bachelorette party.  Doesn’t that sound odd to you? I probably know what a 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and maybe a 90’s theme party is but not a 2000. On Friday, I had a customer in my studio who brought along her sister who wasn't a rug hooker.  I said, 'you look familiar', she said to me, so do you!'  Keep in mind we can only see above the nose as we are both wearing masks. It was Mary, who had taught my daughter Jenna at pre-school when Jenna was 4 years old.  I don't believe I have spoken to or seen Mary since.  Where did the time go?  It seemed like a moment ago.  We got to talking and I said I will never forget or I should say, Jenna will never let me forget, how I came home after work one day, and forgot to pick her up from pre-school.  Oppsie!

I got a little more done on my rug.  See below picture.

I had purchased Valdani Perle Cotton threads over a year ago to sell in my studio and I had half halfheartedly tried punching with an Ultra punch and didn't have much success.  I decided to watch a Youtube video on how to use the Ultra Punch and tried punching again and I was so surprised, I did like it!  I'm undecided about doing the background but have a look below. I ordered some patterns to sell in my studio as well.

In the mail this week; Carole Fullerton finished hooking her hit and miss rug.  It is lovely and a great way to use up those pesky worms.

Shelley Myers drew out this pattern to use up some of her left over worms, it is very pretty.

Lastly, Aileen Cassells hooked this lovely tea cosy's, pattern by Susan Lesie. Two photos, front and back of the tea cosy, one side hooked with yarn, the other with wool fabric. Aileen said the sky, tree, the pier and water are all my yarns.  Thanks for sharing Aileen, what a wonderful gift for you mother.


Have a wonderful week everyone!

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  • Just saw this tea cozy at RHS, lovely!

    • Gwen Dixon
  • Hard to comprehend how quickly time does go by isn’t it! Jenna and you are just in your respective primes! Beautiful Babes, both of you! Enjoy life, numbers don’t mean a thing! Lovely rugs this week!

    • Debra Ackles Adams
  • Can not wait to see the punch needle patterns.

    • Lori Koval